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My name is Michael van Polen I started playing guitar at the age of 9. I Took some guitar lessons for two years but found that listening to records and trying to duplicate the guitar parts was for me most fun of learning.

In ‘92 I studied the art of Recording/Producer techniques In Hilversum and the same year I start playing bass and played all sort of music. Styles: Rock,Pop,R&B,Jazz-rock,Reggae,etc. I’m influenced by Jaco Pastorius,Allan Holdsworth,Weather Report,The Who,Kiss,Led Zeppelin, and a lot of rock and jazz-rock artist’s. I played at a lot of stages and had real fun at that!

I have recorded several recordings with Turtlerecords as a producer/engineer both with Harry van Dalen ,Bert van der Wolf and Fir Suidema.

Currently I spend a lot of time at our High-End Audio Shop Rhapsody and we sell the most beautiful audio on the highest (audio) scale in the world :)with my buddy Harry van Dalen, we have so much fun selling,tuning,laughing,crying,go to concerts of our heroes,playing music, it’s all about passion and love for music etc.etc. You must come and visit our beautiful shop and try some of our superior espresso’s and walk away with a “super hifi” system :) it’s so much fun! And learn a lot about music and understand the direct feel of the musicians heart and soul that he/she gave to there music.

Once in a while I help Spirit Connection with there big concerts in Weesp to create a spiritual sounds capes with the Gong as starting point. We also create sounds capes with the musician
as a startingpoint that’s called “Sound-Experience

Another creation of us to arise is a new record label and we record only analog!
Analog Master Tapes” our goal is to catch a musical performance as pure as it gets, later I will explain what and how we do it. For now , have fun and thanks for visiting my site ! Cheers,Michael


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Denise Jannah and Atzko Kohashi
Recorded at Rhapsody by ANALOG MASTER TAPES

founders: Harry van Dalen,Michael van Polen and Frand de Rond

Studio Showcase Series
Live recording of BATIK at Studio 11

Atzko Kohashi and Sebastiaan Kaptein
Recorded at Rhapsody by ANALOG MASTER TAPES

Joost Sanne Bart
Recorded at MCO Studio 2 by ANALOG MASTER TAPES

Joost Lijbaart and Wolfert Brederode
Recorded at MCO Studio 2 by ANALOG MASTER TAPES

MASTERING april 2016