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I have always’s songs in my mind.. When I think it could be something I record them on my phone and listen to it later , If I’m in a creativ proces I try to put things togeter and than… an another song is born.. They are my kid’s, sometime I hate them and sometimes I love them ..

So I think it’s time to put some samples on my site and show them the world, or at least my friends..:) These songs, I created in a few day’s in augustus 2012. There rough mixes, most of it is recorded in one take.

I recorded and played all the instruments myselve, there are no vocals on it yet avalable.
I have a lot of songs lying around .. Maybe one day I’ll show them here aswell..

Thanks for listening!


mies santana achtig 31082012-01 kort.mp3

Song 03

mies farmer rock mix 31082012 kort.mp3

Song 04

mies rock mix2sept 2012 kort.mp3

Song 01

mies song 2 by m.v.polen.mp3

Song 02