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The art of recording

When I started working with Harry van Dalen we recorded: Joshua Samson & Audible Lifestream in 1997 on a Nagra D 24bit 96kHz Digital tape recorder in a small Churche in Amsterdam on the VIA label. After that we recorded several albums at different locations on Harry’s own Turtle Records label like: Tony overwater,Yuri Honing,Deen Peer,Cor Bakker,Karin Bloemen,Boudewijn de Groot,Dick de graaf,Maarten Ornstein,SJACO!,Wouter Planteydt,
The Yuri Honing Trio,etc. Recorded at 24 bit 192kHz and DSD with dCS converters. Our goal was to catch the sound and soul of the performer in a ambient environment as clear as possible.
 Tip: There is a album avalable with a compilation of Turtle Records recordings on Northstar label by Bert van der Wolf
The Spirit of Turtle” remastered in 2 channel SACD, Multi channel pure 24 Bit 192 kHz Bluray and 5.1 FLAC files.Check it out !

The ‘Studio Showcase Series’ is a serie of recording sessions with top musicians in front of a live audience.The concerts are organised and recorded by Sound Liaison in close collaboration with Rhapsody Sound+Vision. The complete serie is available in the Sound Liaison Music store on High Resolution !

NEW for 2016 !!

We (Harry van Dalen ,Michael van Polen and Frans de Rond) are creating a new label it’s called “ANALOG MASER TAPES”
We record only in the analog domain ‘Live to Two Track” on a Studer A80 , We already did some recordings with a live audience at Rhapsody. The artists are: Atzko Kohashi, Denice Jannah and Sebastiaan Kaptein. On18 december 2015 we will record some new sessions with : Joost Lijbaart (drums) Wolfert Brederode (Piano) and on 19 december : Sane Rambags (vocals) Bram Stadhouders (guitar) Joost Lijbaart (drums) This time we will record this at MCO the Netherlands with a live Audience. There will be releases in 2016 on : Reel to Reel Master Tape, Limeted LP’s and DXD (high resolution files) for more info:Analog Master Tapes™