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I’m simply mad about music and sound!

When I was very youngh I alway’s listen to records, you could find me at my dad’s little attic where he played his Elvis and rock’n roll singles.. “I know them all:)”.

I wanted to play drums (I was mad about a clear blue one from the music program TOPPOP on tv .. I never had that one .. damn..:) I can remember my dad’s red guitar with a vibrato .. And saw Hendrix and Knofler on tv with fenders.. That was a strong moment.

So when I turned 9 my parents bought me my first acoustical guitar when I was bad injured lying in a hospital.

The love for the beautiness of sound’s coming from strings and the resonant wood , amplifiers, speakers, stomb boxes, analog recorders, turntables … you name it.. It will never let me go..

I’m simply mad about music and sound!

So here are some pictures of my guitars and my lovely dog BOB (I still miss you)