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Saturday july 25 2015 Photo’s from the concert “Live To Two track“ with:
Atzko Kohashi and Sebastiaan Kaptein
Recorded at Rhapsody by ANALOG MASTER TAPES

Atzko Kohashi & Sebastiaan Kaptein

 We asked Atzko some time ago if she was interested
to do a analog recording with her, she was surpriced why not
record digital because she liked the articulation.
So I told her the in’s and out’s about recording to analog tape,
She was still not convinced, until we did a short try-out ..
She was completely blown away ! Atzko: “Ohh … It’s like a mirror !!”
This Time she brings Sebastiaan Kaptein to do a concert at our store Rhapsody.


We dicided to record this duo at Rhapsody in Hilversum (the Netherlands)
to catch a  nice home’like’ ambiance and a great vibe on tape.
The complete signal path is done purely analog with serious
power conditioners and cabels form Shunyata and Audioquest,
The mixer and recorder are Studer’s from  the ‘70
We monitored on TAD and Moon


Atzko began playing a free improvisation on “Blue In Green” ..minimal touches of Sebastiaan on the snare and the ride is filling a nice floor of mistical sounds,every fine detail is visable on tape so we have the noise floor under control :) The very nice harmonic playing of Atzko brings a smile on your face and what a musical woman she is.. it is unbelievable how well and beautiful she can play! For us she is Art ! Atzko begins to paints her way to the music then Sebastiaan makes it all visable until it’s completely finished.  

Recording to tape and keeping the signal path completely analog
and in shape with modern technics, results in  a  very high-end quality
and “live-like”sound stage.
It’s not even compared to digital at all.