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Friday december 18 2015 Photo’s from the concert “Live To Two track“ with:
DUO   Joost Lijbaart and Wolfert Brederode
Recorded at MCO studio 2 by ANALOG MASTER TAPES

Joost Lijbaart and Wolfert Brederode

In 2006 an unusual duo was formed: drummer Joost Lijbaart and pianist

Wolfert Brederode. They worked together previously with Swiss singer

Susanne Abbuehl and in several ballet projects.

 Several mounths ago we asked Joost if he was interested to do some
analog projects with us, he was very pleased  to do so and choose to
bring his duo with Wolfert Brederode and a new trio with Sanne Rambags
and Bram Stadhouders.


We dicided to record this duo at the MCO Studio 2 in Hilversum
(the Netherlands) to catch a  nice acoustical ambiance and a great vibe on tape.
The complete signal path is done purely analog with serious
power conditioners and cabels form Shunyata and Audioquest,
The mixer and recorder are Studer’s from  the ‘70
We monitored on TAD and Constellation



The performance of Joost and Wolfert is unbelievable !
It turned out to be one of the most great recordings we ever did!
Their ability to combine their instruments and produce a sound
as if it were ‘one’ instrument, turned out so well, they decided to start this duo.
There is so much silence and beautiness in the songs that can
transcend you directly to a materialless space..
We and the mucisions are amazed how well it stand’s out on tape.
“Woww it sound’s so good… unbelievable”

Recording to tape and keeping the signal path completely analog
and in shape with modern technics, results in  a  very high-end quality
and “live-like”sound stage.
It’s not even compared to digital at all.