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April 8/11/18 and 22 2016
Mastering at Rhapsody

short video here:


Mastering the latest 4 concerts: 11/12 ,18 and 22 april 2016

After months of search we finely found a second Studer A80 to create the Master Tapes we need.Frans and I were already playing around with some mastering tools, high-end cabels and AC conditioners toget the vibe out of the recording for maximum results. With some minor tweeking we arived to a point where we want
the sound to be. We opened it all up adding a little ambient.On april 22 our dear friend Joost Lijbaart helped us with the songs to choose and little edit points and endings. Harry, Frans And I listen to some final versions and we arrived at a point of no return :)It is amazing what we still get out of these old baby’s with a new way of thinking!So next step is to make some samples for give away for the search of (maybe) future distribution partners
at the Munich High End show next week.



We dicided to master at Rhapsody in Hilversum (the Netherlands).
The complete signal path is done purely analog with serious
power conditioners and signal cabels are MIT Oracle, Shunyata and Audioquest,
Used mastering tools: SSL,TLAudio,Crane Song,TC Electronics.
The mixer and recorder are Studer’s from  the ‘70
We monitored on TAD and Audioresearch amplifiers



Recording to tape and keeping the signal path completely analog
and in shape with modern technics, results in  a  very high-end quality
and “live-like”sound stage.
It’s not even compared to digital at all.